From hobby to business to fulfillment.

My little shop started as a need to customize jewelry to suit my preferences and developed into a full fledged hobby!

I began playing with the idea of selling my pieces while working an unfulfilling 9 to 5 job and struggling with health issues that burdened me with constant fatigue. Etsy gave me the perfect platform to learn all about selling and I began to fill my shop and watch as people all over the world actually purchased from me!

The big push to make it my full-time business came when I was suddenly let go from my job when the company had to cut back due to the economy, right before Christmas...I decided that I would try to make this work.

Years later I have made thousands of sales and am still enjoying creating in the comfort of my own home!

My jewelry features a love for color (I rarely use black or white!), antiqued brass and vintage materials of all kinds. Vintage = limited so most items eventually sell out and thus I must continually create new designs. As a result my work is constantly evolving.

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